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Em-trak Class B AIS transceiver B350

The B350 Em-trak Class B AIS transceiver is a weather & waterproof AIS with an integrated GPS antenna and increased range and reporting frequency with its high power 5W transmitter.   Limited stock $849 (1 only)

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Em-trak Class A : AIS100

The Em-trak Class A AIS is commercial grade unit which is fully certified for International use and includes a 3 year warranty.
Clearance item  $1950   $850 (1 only)  Save $1100

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Em-trak Class B AIS transceiver B360

The AIS Class B B360 is a small robust, fully integrated IP67 ruggedized (weather and waterproof), high power 5W SOTDMA Class B with WiFi and integrated GPS antenna.

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Em-trak Class B AIS transponder B400

The Em-trak B400 Class B AIS transponder is a waterproof AIS Class B transceiver in a standalone unit. Featuring built in Wi-Fi, 5W output power and more.

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AIS Silent switch panel

Picosense have designed and built a panel mounted AIS transponder silent mode switch.

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Em-trak Class A : AIS200

The A200 is a new and powerful AIS Class A which sets new standards in performance, functionality and reliability.

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Em-trak Class B : AIS I100

The Em-trak AIS Identifier, the I100 is a fully self contained Class B transceiver.

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Em-trak Receiver : AIS R100

The Em-trak AIS Receiver, the R100 is a dual channel AIS receiver able to receive all AIS messages.

Limited stock $295  (1 only)  

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