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Marine internet 4GX/4G LTE Modem Router with Wi-Fi

PicoSense have created a kit to allow you to have high speed internet access while onboard your boat.  The kit contains a high quality 4Gx/4G/LTE/3G modem/router with integrated Wi-Fi access point, 2 x high gain marine antennas and 2 x Wi-Fi antennas allowing all users aboard to access the internet at high speed. This is a must have if cruising the Australian coast ensuring the best range and performance.

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Marine 4G / LTE Antenna - 9dB with mount

Marine 4G antenna for use with our Marine Internet Access Kit or on its own.  The antenna comes with a 30cm fly lead connected to the antenna with N-type female connection.  The antenna screws onto the supplied 1/4" nylon adjustable antenna mount.  

The antenna has a gain of 9dB and is suitable for use between 698Mhz and 2700Mhz.  It is designed for marine use and supports 3G/4G/LTE

These antenna are suitable for use with many different modems and hotspot devices likes the Night Hawk M1/M2 and any other 4G/3G modem with external antenna connections.  

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