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Yacht Devices NMEA0183 to Wi-Fi Gateway

This device allows you to see data from NMEA0183 devices on your PC or smartphone.  The gateway allows you to get any NMEA0183 data on your boat network to be displayed in popular navigation  software applications or on smartphone apps.

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Yacht Devices Tank Adapter YDTA-01

The Yacht Device's Tank Adapter allows you connect your existing resistive type fluid level sensor installed on your diesel, water, waste water tanks to your NMEA2000 network.    Once connected you can display your tank levels on your chartplotter and instrument displays.

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Yacht Devices Voyage Recorder YDVR-03

The Yacht Device's Voyage Recorder is an excellent tool to record all the data flowing through your NMEA2000 network.  It's great for comprehensive log and track keeping, yacht racers and to even diagnose problems.  There are many ways to utilise and visualise the data gathered, including on Google Earth with data tagged to each track point left.

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Yacht Devices NMEA2000 Wi-Fi Gateway

The Yacht Device's NMEA 2000 to Wi-Fi Gateway makes all your NMEA 2000 data on your network available via Wi-Fi from your tablet, smartphone or PC. Some of the potential data you can see is vessel course, speed, position, wind speed and direction, water depth, AIS messages from vessels and more from your network onto your favourite app or software package.

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Yacht Devices NMEA2000 USB Gateway

This device connects your NMEA2000 network via USB to a PC, laptop or tablet PC with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Depending on what data you have on your NMEA2000 network you can get data like vessel course, speed, position, wind speed and direction, water depth, AIS messages and other data into PC applications like OpenCPN, Coastal Explorer, Polar View, OpenSkipper, etc.

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