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Voyage Recorder YDVR-03

The Yacht Device's Voyage Recorder is an excellent tool to record all the data flowing through your NMEA2000 network.  It's great for comprehensive log and track keeping, yacht racers and to even diagnose problems.  There are many ways to utilise and visualise the data gathered, including on Google Earth with data tagged to each track point left.

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The Voyage Recorder stores all the onboard data flowing around your boat to a MicroSD card. Some of the basic data usually available on a modern boat includes position, course, speed, depth, water temperature, log, wind speed and direction, and AIS data of nearby vessels. Additionally you could also record data from the motor, water and fuel tanks, battery level, etc. if this is available.

The Voyage Recorder simply records to the memory card all the data it receives from the network.  It does not attempt to analyse this data.  You are then able to utilise a range of software to analyse this data. 

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YDVR Converter software that comes with the Recorder is installed on a personal computer and allows GPX and CSV files to be generated with the vessel's track and extensive information about the sailing conditions, including weather, depth, engine, and even tracks of nearby vessels with AIS. GPX files can be viewed in Google Earth, Garmin MapSource and other cartographic applications. They can also be loaded into newer models of Garmin and Raymarine chartplotters. CSV files may be opened in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc to visualize data using charts and build the graphic reports.



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