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Tank Adapter YDTA-01

The Yacht Device's Tank Adapter allows you connect your existing resistive type fluid level sensor installed on your diesel, water, waste water tanks to your NMEA2000 network.    Once connected you can display your tank levels on your chartplotter and instrument displays.

tank adapter ydta01

The Tank Adaptor can be configured to report one of the seven fluid types defined in the NMEA 2000 standard: Diesel Fuel, Gasoline Fuel, Oil, Fresh Water, Waste Water, Black Water (Sewage), or Live Well. The tank number can be configured too, up to 16 tanks of one type are allowed in an NMEA 2000.

The Device can be used with European (10 to 180 Ohm range) American (240 to 33 Ohm range) or Japanese (0 to 310 Ohm range) standard fluid level sensors as well as with any nonstandard sensors with maximum resistance less than 400 Ohm.

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tank adapter ydta 01


The Adaptor can be installed as a standalone measuring device, in parallel with an existing analog gauge (2-coils and 1-coils gauges are supported, see Picture 2), or in parallel with a Volvo Penta engine's MDI (Mechanical Diesel Interface) box. If you have a combined gauge where you choose the value to display with a button, the Adaptor will smoothly work with it, too.


Connection in parallel with an existing analog 1-coil (left) and 2-coil (right) gauges: (1) - YDTA, (2) - Gauge, (3) - Fluid sensor, (4) - Optional button, (5) and (6) - Other sensors (optional)

Fluid tank level sensor readings can be calibrated with 12 calibration points to get accurate readings on tanks of any shape. Parasitic resistance of the sensor wires can be compensated in the Device's settings.

The Adapter is equipped with a Micro SD card slot intended for configuration, firmware updates, diagnostics and data logging. No special software is required. You only need a device (laptop or smartphone) with a MicroSD card reader and a simple text editor.

The Device is powered from the NMEA 2000 network and provides high voltage galvanic isolation between NMEA 2000 and sensor inputs.


ydta01 drawing