Em-trak B954 Class B AIS (5W) + Wi-Fi + Splitter

Em-trak B954 AIS

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The Em-trak B954 Class B AIS is the next generation high power (5W SOTDMA) class B transceiver, fully integrated with built in VHF antenna splitter and WiFi / Bluetooth and integrated GPS antenna.

The flagship of the B900 series, the Em-trak B954 Class B AIS is built into the rugged enclosure and includes a VHF antenna splitter so you can share your single VHF antenna with the AIS and VHF radio. 

It’s high power 5W transmit power provides increased range and reporting frequency, ideal for offshore sailors or those sailing in busy transmit areas.  Standard Class B AIS transceivers only transmit at 2W meaning less range.  These units also transmit using the SOTDMA method, like Class A commercial units, this means a faster update frequency than class B units and ensures you are always seen! The unit is even compatible with satellite AIS systems.

The Em-trak B954 Class B AIS transceiver includes both NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 interfaces so it is ready and able to be connected to all chartplotters.  The B954 includes stealth (silent) mode functionality also, allowing it to continually receive AIS messages, but not transmit. 

The WiFi and Bluetooth* features add the ability for devices such as iPads or other mobile devices to connect wirelessly to the B954 and receive AIS, GPS and multiplexed NMEA data for use in mobile apps such as Navionics App, iNavX, iSailor and more.  Configuration of the AIS can also be completed over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth making installation even simpler. 

The em-trak B954 Class B AIS transceiver has a built in GPS antenna which reduces install time and does not require the installation of another GPS antenna.  The Em-trak B954 does still include the ability to add an external GPS antenna if desired or required.

Bluetooth functionality is currently not supported on Apple devices. *

em-trak B954 AIS – Product Overview

  • Rugged and Robust
  • SOTDMA Class B providing increased range and reporting frequency
  • Integrated VHF antenna splitter
  • Integrated Wi-Fi  and Bluetooth connectivity for easy data sharing and configuration
  • Built in surge protection
  • Flexi-Fit mounting bracket for easy installation
  • 5W transmit power (instead of standard 2W)
  • Ready for connection to your chartplotter via NMEA0183 or NMEA2000
  • Internal GPS antenna (External GPS Antenna option available)
  • Global 3 year warranty

Em-trak B900 Series Introduction Video

Manufacturer’s website: https://www.em-trak.com