What is a MMSI and where do I get one?

Decided you want an AIS but don’t know what an MMSI is or where to get it?  Read on… All boats equipped with an AIS transceiver must have a registered MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) to ensure they are identified as a unique vessel (Boat names don’t work as they are not unique).   VHF radios … Read more

What is AIS?

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a system utilising your vessels GPS position, VHF antenna and vessel identifier (MMSI) to automatically transmit on a regular basis your vessels GPSposition, course, speed and vessel identifier to allow other vessels in the region also equipped with AIS equipment to see you. Types of AIS There are 2 main types of AIS. Class A: … Read more

10 Tips on using your AIS

Here are 10 tips on using your AIS 1. Get to know your icons The icon displayed on the screen of your chartplotter tells you about the type of AIS target.  Raymarine’s latest update gives many more target options than the two above.  A safe target may turn into a dangerous target when the vessel … Read more