Marine Internet Kit Installation Photos

Below are a small selection of Marine Internet Kit Installation photos from a few clients with the kit. Some have slightly modified their install to suit their preferred mounting locations. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding mounting locations for either the modem or antennas. The kit includes 2 x 4G marine antennas … Read more

Whitsunday Internet Coverage Maps

Are you planning to cruise the Whitsundays?  Want reliable and fast internet while cruising? The article below shows the kind of coverage you might receive if you use one of our Marine Internet Access Kits. A very kind customer of ours has kindly mapped out his signal quality whilst travelling around the Whitsundays.  A few points … Read more

Telstra 4GX Coverage

Telstras’ 4GX is a new network operating on the 700Mhz band.  This frequency is ideal for marine use and ensures that you can potentially connect a lot further out to sea and along longer stretches of the coastline. Telstra’s network can typically extend 20 to 70 km out to sea from mobile base stations located … Read more

Guide to Internet onboard

Guide to internet onboard outlines all the facts relating to getting fast and reliable internet access on board. Whether you want internet onboard for pleasure or business use, the desire for the highest speed and reliability remains the same. There should be no reason to compromise on marine internet access when travelling around the Australian … Read more