Telstra 4GX Coverage

Telstras’ 4GX is a new network operating on the 700Mhz band.  This frequency is ideal for marine use and ensures that you can potentially connect a lot further out to sea and along longer stretches of the coastline.

Telstra’s network can typically extend 20 to 70 km out to sea from mobile base stations located near the coast. However, there are many factors such as the weather, tides, sea conditions and your antenna installation (type and height above sea level) that can significantly influence coverage, data speed and performance. As a result, you must not rely on the Telstra Mobile Network as a primary method of communication at sea. 

To assist with your mobile services at sea, you should use directly connected external antennas – ones that are omni-directional. The antenna should be mounted as high as possible on your vessel using marine-grade cabling and connections.

In order for a service at sea to work effectively, line of sight to the terrestrial base station is required. This is influenced by the height of the serving base station, land based obstructions and the general topography of the land, which can block signals. Coverage will not be reliable over the horizon from a mobile base station even though it may be usable at times.

Some snap shots of 4GX coverage from around Australia: