Marine Internet Kit Installation Photos

Below are a small selection of Marine Internet Kit Installation photos from a few clients with the kit. Some have slightly modified their install to suit their preferred mounting locations. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding mounting locations for either the modem or antennas.

The kit includes 2 x 4G marine antennas with adjustable nylon deck mounts. These mounts allow universal attachment to most places the boat. Options for rail mounting the antennas and lower profile mounts are available both in nylon and stainless steel. Check out Whitworths for these mounting options.

Although the modem itself is designed for the marine environment, most customers choose to install the modem within a dry area on the boat. For flybridge vessels, mounting inside the upper helm station is often a good spot and the Wi-Fi range is not affected by locating the modem here.

For sailing vessels the unit can be mounted behind a navigation station or out of sight in the back of a cupboard. There is no requirement to access the modem unless changing SIM cards or viewing the diagnostic lights.

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If you have Marine Internet Kit installation photos from your own installation you would like to share please contact us.