NMEA2000 Gyro Heading Sensor

Autonnic NMEA2000 Gyro heading sensor

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The Autonnic NMEA2000 Gyro Heading Sensor is a solid-state gyro + fluxgate compass suitable for use onboard to feed accurate heading data to autopilots, AIS, off-course alarm systems and radar for “north up” input.

It is housed in a water resistant enclosure and can therefore be mounted externally on a steel hull vessel.

NMEA2000 Gyro Heading Sensor Features

  • 2 axis tilt compensated to 45deg
  • Designed for autopilots to provide extra functionality
  • Allows “North up” view on compatible radars
  • NMEA-2000 compatible
  • 12V supply (1 LEN)
  • Auto calibration button
  • Set zero button
  • IP68

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Manufacturer’s website: https://www.autonnic.com