Custom Marine Internet Kit

While our pre-assembled Marine Internet Kits are at the forefront of performance and technology we understand that sometimes having the latest and fastest is technology is either not required or outside of budget constraints.

It is for this reason we are now building kits based around how you use the internet onboard, the places you cruise to and your budget to tailor make a solution for you. Simply email us at with details around how you use your boat, where you want to cruise to, any anything else you feel is relevant and we can build a solution for you.

Marine Internet Onboard Benefits:

  • Allows you to share the internet connection with multiple devices without the need for turning on your phones “Hot spot” and using excess battery power.
  • Allow all your onboard internet enabled devices to connect seamlessly to a single internet connection.
  • Modems with global coverage support so you can have internet access where ever you cruise and at the cheapest rate. Simply install a SIM for the local telco carrier and away you go.
  • Operate your business from onboard.
  • Liveaboard cruisers are not left out as we can build a solution tailored to a semi fixed location to achieve the best speed possible.
  • Connect onboard smart TVs to ensure the best streaming experience and keep the little and big kids entertained.
  • Connect your chart plotter or other internet enabled navigation devices to ensure they are always kept up to date with software and firmware.
  • Monitor cameras and other systems onboard while away from the boat.
  • Effortlessly record your voyage data to the internet for free (Additional Hardware Required)
  • Stay connected for critical weather updates and alerts.
  • Having a reliable and always on internet connection onboard is the starting point for remote monitoring and security tracking which may assist with insurance.
  • Comes pre-configured, ready to install.
  • Price includes GST and free shipping Australia wide

Hints & Tips

We have been constructing and selling Internet Kits for many years now and there are a few rules and guidelines for a successful installation and operation.

  • Antenna Height is key. At the end of the day, having internet reception is down to physics. If the antenna cannot “see” a land based cellular tower than it is very unlikely to be able to connect with it. Just like your VHF radio range, the higher the antenna the better as it can see further over the horizon the higher it is located. This is the same for internet reception.
    We understand it is not always possible to locate the antenna at the highest point on the boat, however there are usually a few mounting location options available that we can suggest may be a good compromise. Some of our solutions utilise two antennas to increase performance, so this may need to be considered also as a separation gap is required between the antennas and between the antenna and other equipment like radar, VHF radio antennas etc.

  • Good Quality Coax Cables. There is no point placing your antenna at the highest point on your boat and then use inferior quality coax cables to connect it to the modem. For cable runs 5m or less (very unlikely on a boat) we recommend the use of LCU-195 coax. This is a thinner coax than required for longer runs but still of a high quality. For cable runs greater than 6m we only recommend the use of LCU-400-UF (LMR-400) coax. The downside to this coax is the diameter of the cable and as such it is often difficult to run down masts or through cable runs. We have a few tips for getting this cable through as compromising on the coax cable really negates putting a good antenna up high on your boat.

  • Modem Choice. This is the section where you have the most flexibility of choice. Things you need to consider may include the Wi-Fi type (2.4Ghz, 5Ghz, or both), along with the 4G download capacity of the modem, or how many network ports you may require. These are all things we can assist you with selecting to suit your needs. Even if you have no idea what these terms and acronyms mean, tell us what apps and services you currently use or want to be able to do and we will match it with a suitable modem. You may be looking for just some email and web surfing, or email, web surfing and streaming Netflix to the TV, or operating your business onboard and conducting video calls, we can tailor a system to suit.