Marine Internet Access Kit – Performance

The What..

The kit contains a high quality 4Gx/4G/LTE/3G modem/router with integrated Wi-Fi access point, 2 x high gain marine antennas and 2 x Wi-Fi antennas and operates from either the boats 12v power source or can be mains powered via the included plug pack.

The Why…

The contents of the kit have been chosen to provide the best quality and performance possible.  All hardware is marine grade and designed to last.  The kit includes everything you require to get connected without the hassle of choosing antennas, cables, mounting brackets or even configuring the modem.  All that you need to do is insert a nano SIM card for your chosen internet provider.

The How…

PicoSense recommends the use of Telstra in the marine environment as they have exceptional coverage around the Australian coastline and are provisioned to utilise the 4GX network (700Mhz) which provides the best range from a land based tower.  Telstra 4GX coverage maps are available.  Installation of the SIM card is as easy as placing the SIM card on a tray and sliding it into the modem.  No further configuration of the modem should be required as we have done this for you.

Marine Internet Kit Benefits:

  • Allows you to share the internet connection with multiple devices without the need for turning on your phones “Hot spot” and using excess battery power.
  • Allow all your onboard internet enabled devices to connect seamlessly to a single internet connection.
  • Worldwide network carrier support built in to cover you wherever you may cruise to.  Just insert a local SIM for the region you are in.
  • Highest category 4G modem currently available, allowing download speeds up to 600Mbps
  • Operate your business from onboard, using the high speed connectivity available.
  • Multiple gigabit network ports allow connecting non Wi-Fi or legacy devices directly to the modem.  This is a great option for smart TVs onboard to ensure the best streaming experience.
  • Includes a single WAN port to allow connection of satellite terminals like Starlink devices allowing seamless cutover between services.
  • Connect your chart plotter or other internet enabled navigation devices to ensure they are always kept up to date with software and firmware.
  • Utilise Wi-Fi calling (where available) to make and receive phone calls over the internet connection
  • Monitor cameras and other systems onboard while away from the boat.
  • Allows you to effortlessly record your voyage data to the internet for free (Additional Hardware Required)
  • Stay connected for critical weather updates and alerts.
  • Comes pre-configured, ready to install.
  • Australian designed modem
  • Price includes GST

Kit Contents


  • Modem supports 3G/4G/LTE/4Gx with a single nano sized SIM card
  • Operates from 12VDC or included 240v Australian plug pack
  • Category 12 modem that supports carrier aggregation enabling download speeds up to 600Mbps
  • Modem supports all frequencies and bands used in Australia including B28 (700MHz) for the best offshore coverage.
  • Qty 2 of 9dBi marine grade antennas with adjustable nylon mounts.
    Need to mount on a mast top, spreader or want to upgrade your mounts? Antenna mounting options
  • Qty 2 of LCU-400 high quality coax cables. Select Primary and secondary lengths when ordering.
  • 4 x 1Gb LAN network ports for hard wired devices. (Eg Smart TV, Cameras)
  • 1 x 1Gb WAN network port for additional connectivity services like satellite terminals
  • 1200Mbps 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi MIMO)
  • Easy web based management interface
  • Modem is unlocked allowing use on any mobile network
  • Surface mounted modem or can be clipped to DIN rail with included clips.
  • 4G antenna dimensions: 646mm long excluding mount
  • 2 year warranty on modem

Connection Overview

Antenna Mounting Options


Where to mount the antennas to a yacht is our most requested query about the kit. Essentially we want at least one of the two 4G antennas to be mounted as high as possible. One could be located on the mast top and the 2nd antenna on a lower spreader. Other options include the main antenna being located on the mast (either mast top or spreader) and the second antenna at the rear of the boat on a bimini or targa frame.

The second antenna is only utilised when operating closer to land where there is a better signal present. The second antenna is used to ensure the best speed possible when operating closer in. It is not a requirement to have the second antenna, but it is highly recommended. Our kits are all provisioned with 2 antennas for this reason.

We have other mounting options available which may suit your mast head or spreader mounting locations. You can view and purchase there here

A couple of considerations for mast mounting are ensuring that the antenna will not foul the sails and ensuring that you can pull through the mast the coax antenna cable. These cables are approx 10mm thick and are pre-terminated. We do not recommend cutting the connections off and re-attaching them as we are unable to guarantee the performance of the kit if this is done. If both antennas are located on the mast, then there will be 2 of the coax cables required to be run down inside the mast.

Other considerations include ensuring the antenna is not in the beam angle for any radar on the mast and that there is approx 50cm separation between the antennas. 30cm separation to a VHF antenna is acceptable.

When determining your required cable lengths please remember that it needs to be fed inside the boat and then to your desired mounting location of the modem.

Power Boats

The options and performance for power boats is usually somewhat reduced due to the fact they are unable usually to get the primary antenna as high as a yacht. The same rule applies however and mounting the antennas as high as possible is advised. Antenna separation is important and you will require at least 50cm between them. It is also advisable to not mount the antenna directly in the radar beam. Mounting at least 30cm from a VHF antenna is also important.

We have a range of options for mounting your antennas on your boat. You can view and purchase these here

As mentioned above, remember that cable lengths need to be sufficient to route inside the boat to the desired mounting location.


To read all the FAQ for our internet kits view this post.


Coverage maps for Telstra 4GX and a detailed explanation of Telstra’s coverage is available in our post here.

Dealer and Installer enquiries welcome, please contact us for further details.

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