Marine 4G/LTE Antenna

Marine 4G/LTE Antenna for use onboard with any 4G / LTE modem. The antenna comes with an adjustable nylon base and 30cm fly lead to a N-type female connector. The gain of this antenna is 7dB max.

They will work with any 4G / LTE modem including Peplink, Comset, Dlink, Netgear and many others.

The antenna itself is only 67cm long and includes the standard 1/4″ thread that can be mounted easily to other mounting bases if required. See our list of available antenna mounts here.

These antennas are also great for masthead mounting as they are not too large. If you require high quality coax cables to connect your antenna to your modem we have a range of sizes from 10m to 25m in stock. These cables are LMR-400 grade to ensure the best performance.

This is the same antenna we have been using in our popular Marine Internet Access Kits for the past 5 years with outstanding performance.

Marine 4G/LTE antenna